j  o  s  e  p  h  b  r  a  n  c  i  f  o  r  t  e

son lux : lanterns

(joyful noise)

tim berne: shadow man


ben monder: hydra


the cellar and point: ambit


with experience engineering at several dozen studios in and around new york city, recording sessions can take place at a number of locations, ranging from the world-class to the budget-friendly. the decision typically comes down to a project’s instrumentation, technical/artistic requirements (such as the need for isolation, or selecting the right piano), and recording budget. feel free to get in touch via email to discuss your project -- recommendations can be made as to the ideal place for your session.

in addition to in-house gear at the chosen studio, clients will have access to the following traveling collection of microphones, outboard gear, instruments, and effects:

recording engineer

location recording

if you are considering recording your album at a location other than a traditional recording studio (concert hall/venue, home studio, cabin, &c.), check out the location recording page.

2   aea r84

1   aea r88

1   aea r44
2   akg 414 b-uls
1   beyerdynamic m88
1   beyerdynamic m160

2   coles 4038
2   electrovoice re-20
2   neumann km-54

2   neumann km-84
2   neumann u87

placid audio copperphone
2   royer r-121

2   sennheiser md 421
1   sennheiser md 441
2   schoeps cmc6 (mk4)
2   schoeps cmc6 (mk2s)

4   shure sm57
2   shure sm58
1   shure sm7b
1   shure green bullet
1   telefunken ela m 251e

outboard gear

2   aea the ribbon pre

1   alan smart c1
1   api 560
8   bae 1073 preamplifier

1   bricasti m7

1   burl b2 bomber adc

1   chandler tg-1 limiter

1   chandler ltd-1 equalizer

1   dangerous bax eq

1   emprirical labs distressor el8x

1   lachapell 992eg preamplifier

1   millennia hv-3r
1   neve 33609 (metal knob)

1   roland space echo re-201

1   standard audio level-or mk2

1   pendulum pl-2

1   thermionic phoenix master comp.

1   urei 1178


1   cooper fx generation loss

1   cooper fx outward

1   earthquaker avalanche run

1   earthquaker space spiral

2   ehx freeze

1   ehx pog2

1   ehx 22500 dual looper

1   ehx 44500 multitrack looper

1   ernie ball volume pedal

1   fulltone deja-vibe

1   fulltone supatrem

1   red panda particle
1   red panda bitmap

1   hexe revolver

1   moogerfooger lo-pass

1   montreal assembly count to five
1   strymon big sky

1   strymon el capistan

1   strymon zuma

1   tc electronic ditto looper
1   zvex box of rock

1   zvex lo-fi junky

“The sound quality really is amazing... engineered by Joseph Branciforte, this is a crisp and distinctively understandable recording.” / JazzTimes

“...the superior engineering practically puts you under the lid of Matt Mitchell's piano and inside the bell of Oscar Noriega's bass clarinet.” / NPR Jazz Critics Poll

for those looking for a creative collaboration extending beyond the typical artist/engineer relationship, the role of producer may be combined with that of recording engineer or mix engineer. although the term has become increasingly hazy, it is understood here to mean some or all of the following:


identifying strengths and weaknesses of previous recordings in an artist’s discography, both as product and process.

discussing artistic goals for the upcoming project: musically, sonically, & technically.

attending rehearsals &/or performances prior to the recording session.

assisting in pre-production decisions, such as arrangement, tempo, or form.

creating any necessary pre-production files in advance (e.g. programmed click tracks, scratch tracks).

coordinating production logistics such as studio bookings, scheduling of players, and recording deadlines.

creating a recording agenda outlining the most effective sequence in which to record the pieces or parts.


translating between the aesthetic vision of the artist and the technical language of the engineer or assistant. 

providing detailed take notes, correlated to a score or pre-production file.

establishing and maintaining file organization conventions; overseeing file transfers and backup.


editing: actively assisting in take selection, splicing, and recommendations for any re-recording.

attending the mix and mastering sessions (if not the engineer) to ensure that the artist’s vision is optimally reflected in the final product.


mary halvorson and sylvie courviosier: crop circles

(relative pitch)

the happy valley band: organv perceptvs


1   critter & guitari organelle
1   fender rhodes 54
1   korg ms-20 mini
1   moog sub-phatty
1   makenoise 0-coast
1   eurorack skiff
(w/ modules from mutable instruments, xaoc

          devices, qu-bit, makenoise, mannequins,, &c.)
1   nodar rode drum kit

        (20” bass, 10” tom, 14” floor tom)
1   revival electric synapse
1   wurlitzer 200a
1   yamaha 14” roy haynes hammered copper snare
1   yamaha 8” steel snare
1   yamaha reface cp

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